Changing the way you do things

Culture Development

If you are worried that the culture (the way we do things around here) is not allowing your organisation to fly, we can help you.  Sane Solutions is experienced in measuring employee and culture engagement, developing a true set of values to guide that culture.   We can tailor-make a set of activities that will enhance and develop the culture you want and help to maintain this culture.  We can clearly link this programme to your recruitment, development, performance review and management system and other HR policies and procedures.

Change Management

If you believe you need to make changes to your organisation's structure, we can help by providing advice and support on all aspects of the process including:
  • Facilitating a plan to identify your specific needs;
  • Developing a proposal document for consultation;
  • Identifying impacts of proposed changes on staff;
  • Consultation process and analysing feedback;
  • Developing the final decision document;
  • Writing letters and setting up meetings with affected staff;
  • Implementation of the new structure.

We can be involved in each stage of the process, just provide advice behind the scenes and/or provide active support with some stages.  We also run change management workshops to provide guidance on how to run a change management process.      Click here to read more

Strategy & Policy Development

If you need a new strategic direction or a strategy, we can help you.  We can:
  • Facilitate a session to focus on your organisation's leadership to identify the new direction or strategy, and/or
  • We can write a new strategy for you, given your organisation's specific needs.

If you need any new HR, recruitment, industrial relations, HSE or learning & development policies and Procedures, we can write these for you.  We will develop these to align to other strategies, organisational values, and other policies and procedures your organisation may have.


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