Resolving employee performance issues

Resolving Performance Problems

If one of your employee's is not performing, not meeting expected outcomes, is absent regularly, has a health problem impacting on performance, is behaving inappropriately - whatever the problem, we can help.  

Whether it is managing poor performance issues or dealing with misconduct, we can provide you with support, advice and the appropriate process that will help you to: 
  • Develop clear performance improvement plans;
  • Conduct performance meetings with the employee;
  • Ensure appropriate expectations are put in place and monitors.

We also provide specific coaching and training programmes for managers and supervisors to support them the tools and knowledge to effectively manage a whole range of poor performance issue.

Complaint / Misconduct Investigations

If you receive a complaint or believe that the actions of one of your employee's could be misconduct, then we can assist you with conducting an independent investigation.  We are specialists in investigations of any type, whether it is allegations of:
  • Theft;
  • Bullying;
  • Sexual harrassment;
  • Conflict of Interest;
  • Threatening or aggressive behaviour;
  • Or anything else in-between.

We are able to carry out thorough, efficient, and timely employment investigations that meet all of your legal obligations.  If you want to know how to carry out an investigation yourself, we can advise you and we also have a training course, so you learn for yourself.

Performance Review (Appraisal) Systems

Whether you already have a performance review system that you may not be getting the best from your staff, or you need a completely new system, Sane Solutions can help.  We are able to provide advice and support and tailor make performance review systems to meet the needs of the client, whatever the size, industry or environment.  Our approach is to provide simpler user friendly systems, that will get the most from the system, motivate employees and empower managers and supervisors.  We also ensure that our systems are inter-linked into other organisational processes to fully engage staff and enhance performance.

Performance Coaching

As part of improving the overall performance of an employee, particularly those in key or leadership positions, Sane Solutions is able to offer you a simple and highly successful coaching programme that will get the employee back on track.  We offer tailor-made coaching programmes depending on the need of the employee.  Coaching plans can also be aligned to any performance improvement plans and working environments.  If you think one of your employees could benefit from performance coaching then contact us today.



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